Monday – lunes

Due: none
In class: Bookwork p. 67 (read), p. 68, act 17; p. 70, act. 22; p. 111, Preguntas Personales; pg. 116, act. 4; p. 117, act. 5
Homework: Finish bookwork

Tuesday – martes

Due: bookwork
In class: Go over homework and bookwork, stem-changing verbs
Homework: Final Celebrity Riddle – see Class Documents page

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: Final Celebrity Riddle
In class: Read Celebrity Riddles, whiteboard practice with Stem-changing verbs
Homework: Stem-changing verbs worksheet

Friday – viernes

Due: Stem-changing verbs worksheet
In class: Pobre Ana, Chap 2 and Story Map
Homework: none


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