Monday – lunes

Due: Final Draft of Saludos Tiracómicas

In class: Saludos practice conversation, go over what’s on the test

Homework: STUDY FOR TEST TOMORROW: Writing – 1) ABC’s Points to Remember and 2) Saludos Letter (without using notes to help you), 3) Speaking – Para Usar En Clase vocabulary – on the front you must know the Spanish, on the back you must know the English.

Remember, you can visit the Online Activites page to play the Para Usar En Clase games to help you study for that part of the test. Click here.

Extra credit flashcards for PUEC green sheet (both sides) are also due for 3 points, and the Saludos pink sheet are worth 2 points

Tuesday – martes

Due: Optional extra credit flashcards

In class: TEST on ABC’s, Saludos and Para Usar En Clase (see above), Hispanic Heritage Month readings A+B and Hidden Message/Questions (see Class Docs page)

Homework: Study for Saludos conversation part of the test (see Class Documents page for study sheet) and finish the H H Month Reading and  Hidden Message

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: Hispanic Heritage Month readings and Hidden Message/Q’s

In class: Finish PUEC oral tests, Saludos Conversation tests, research and get started on Hispanic Heritage Month Famous person assignments (see Culture: Hispanic Heritage Month page for details)

Homework: none

Friday – viernes

Due: none

In class: Work on Hispanic Heritage Month – Famous Hispanic American projects, finish Saludos conversation quizzes, work on Famous H-A’s crossword puzzle

 Homework: Finish Famous H-A crossword puzzle (I do NOT have electronic copies of this – if you need another, please see me) – due Monday!


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