Monday – lunes

Due: Vocab packet on La Ropa/Características and La Familia (have to see me if you lost yours, cannot post online)

In class: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, review vocabulary pronunciation

Homework: none

Tuesday – martes

Due: none

In class: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Learn about Subject Pronouns (see Class Docs for study guide), Subject Pronoun around-the-room of examples activity

Homework: Subject Pronouns worksheet (See Class Docs page)

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: Subject Pronouns worksheet

In class: Review BBBB song, Go over Subject Pronouns worksheet, go over around-the-room activity answers from yesterday, learn the verb “Ser” (see Class Docs page for study guide)

Homework: Worksheets on Subject Pronouns/Ser (See Sra. Toth for an extra copy, can’t put online), Start studying for your La Gente Vocabulary Quiz (see below)

La Gente Vocabulary Quiz – Next TUESDAY, Nov. 3. – on ALL 3 sheets of La Gente vocabulary. The quiz will be ONLINE, MATCHING (so you do not have to know how to spell them). The left (question) column will be in English, the answer bank will be in Spanish.

Friday – viernes – SHORT CLASSES due to Halloween Parade/Parties

Due: Subject pronoun/ser worksheets

In class: Go over homework, Sign-up for Dia de Muertos fiesta

 Homework: Study vocab for test (Optional: Make flashcards on all 3 pages for 5 extra points) Bring in items you signed up for party!


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