11/30 – 12/4


Monday – lunes

Due: El Monstruo reading – answers in English

In class: Work on “Moda” Fashion Show project, receive info on Mi Gente (My Peeps) Essay

Homework: none

Tuesday – martes

Due: none

In class: Hand back rough drafts of Fashion Show script, work on memorizing, Work on Mi Gente essay – rough draft due at end of class

Homework:  Finish Presentacion de Moda (Fashion Show presentations) by Weds/Thurs – scripts due beginning of next class

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: Script for Fashion Show – two copies

In class: Fashion show presentations

Homework: Finish My Peeps (Mi Gente) essay by Monday 12/7

Friday – viernes

Due: none

In class: Finish any Fashion show presentations, vote on prizes for show, Hand out study guide for La Gente exam (exam will be 12/9 – 2nd & 3rd hr, or 12/10 – 4th & 5th hr)

Homework: Mi Gente essay final copy due Monday; Start to study for La Gente exam


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