Last revised: Wed, 1/20, 9:10 AM

Monday – lunes

No class – MLK Day

Tuesday – martes

Due: Finding Nemo sentences

In class: Practice with La Escuela  vocabulary (Oiga/Diga/Igual/Diferente)

Homework:  none

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: none

In class: Teach Question Words song, Start “Te Quiero” song by DJ Flex, Matamoscas game with La Escuela vocabulary, go over “Telling Time”

Homework: La Hora (Time) worksheet (not on Class Docs page, see Sra. Toth if you lost yours)

Friday – viernes

Due: La Hora (Time) worksheet

In class: Te Quiero, go over Question Words song, Online Spanish vocabulary games with La Escuela vocabulary

Homework: Review La Escuela vocabulary for quiz on Monday. The quiz will be matching English to Spanish on all the words on the blue vocab sheet (download blank copy on Class Docs page).


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