Last revised: Tues, 3/2 at 4:20 PM

Monday – lunes

Due: Printed rough draft of Digital Scrapbook

In class: Sillas Musicales – grammar practice with regular/irregular verb conjugation

Homework:  none

Tuesday – martes

Due: none

In class: Go over irregular verbs homework packet, finish Sillas Musicales

Homework:  none

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: none

In class: Get projects back and revise during part of class, Start reviewing for Test on Regular/Irregular Verb conjugation, La Escuela vocab – Listening/Reading

Homework: Make final Digital Scrapbook revisions, print hard copy, email to Sra. Toth by Friday at 8:35 AM

Friday – viernes

Due: Digital Scrapbook emailed to Sra. Toth by 8:35 AM, hard copy printed for class

In class: Read other students’ Digital Scrapbooks and assignment

 Homework: Study for Los Verbos Test – Do Writing/grammar practice test


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