7/8 Spanish 1

Monday – lunes

Due: First draft of Saludos letters (C6, C7 and C8)
In class: Go over pronuncation of Para Usar and Saludos Vocab, go over homework
Homework: Optional – make flashcards for upcoming test on Para Usar En  Clase and Saludos vocabulary. Para Usar worth 3 extra points, Saludos worth 2.

Tuesday – martes

Due: none
In class: ABC’s Points to Remember, Start “Vamos en Círculos”
Homework: none

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: none
In class: “Vamos en Círculos” activity to practice Saludos conversations
/practice speaking test for Saludos, get back paragraphs to practice for writing section of Saludos quiz, online games to practice Para Usar en Clase
Homework: Study for Quiz on Tuesday (Saludos/Para Usar En Clase)

PRUEBA (Quiz) Info on ABC’s/Saludos/Para Usar En Clase

Part A -Speaking section- TUESDAY – 10/12
1) Saludos – Record a conversation with your partner following the Saludos conversations we practiced in class
2) Para Usar En Clase – Answer 5 questions from the front page (Para Estudiantes) by translating the English words to SPANISH. Answer 5 questions from the back page (Para la Profesora) by translating the Spanish words to ENGLISH.

Part B -Writing section – Wednesday/Thursday – 10/13-14
1) ABC’s – fill in the blanks answering questions about ABC’s Points to Remember Sheet
2) Saludos – write a letter of at least 10 lines using as much Saludos (greetings) vocabulary as you can.
3) IF NEEDED – finish any speaking tests

Friday – viernes

NO SCHOOL! Teacher Professional Development Day

6th grade Spanish

1st rotation (M/T)

Due: none
In class: “Preguntas” game to practice locations of Spanish-speaking regions and countries
Homework: Start studying for upcoming QUIZ on Spanish-speaking countries/regions

2nd rotation (W/F)

Due: none
In class: Start ABC’s/Points to Remember, Online practice test/games for Spanish-speaking country test
Homework:  Study for TEST on Spanish-speaking countries/regions. It will be an online quiz to test the location of the Spanish-speaking countries/regions from the maps. Regular version has a word bank, Advanced version (worth 3 extra points) does not have a word bank, you will have to come up with the words and spell them. You do not have to know the capitals. The page with the US states and order of how much they speak Spanish will be EXTRA CREDIT for everyone – no word bank for this.


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