7/8 Spanish 1

Monday – lunes

Due: none
In class: Online games with La Gente vocabulary, get numbers/months/days vocabulary
Homework: worksheet on La Gente page 3 vocabulary and numbers/months/days

Tuesday – martes – C4 only!

Due: worksheet on La Gente page 3 vocabulary and numbers/months/days
In class: Go over homework, go over what is on test coming up next Tuesday (see Friday’s post), play Online games
Homework: none

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: none
In class: Play Bingo with La Gente vocab
Homework: Practice vocabulary test

Friday – viernes

Due: Practice vocabulary test
In class: (Short classes due to Halloween Parade) Play Partner “Pop the Balloon” to practice  La Gente vocabulary

*La Gente (all 3 sheets of orange packet) vocabulary and Los Números y Días (blue sheet) vocabulary
*Online matching test – Regular version
*Optional Advanced version – have to spell the words – worth 3 extra points
*Make flashcards on La Gente packet – worth 5 extra points and on Los Números/Días sheet – worth 2 extra points – due the day of the test
*Quiz is on TUESDAY, Nov. 2

6th grade Spanish

1st rotation (M/T)

Due: none
In class: Get new Para Usar En Clase vocabulary, play Online Games to practice Para Usar vocabulary
Homework:  Para Usar En Clase crossword puzzle, start studying for Saludos vocabulary quiz (see 2nd rotation to see what is on the test)

2nd rotation (W/F)

Due: Para Usar En Clase crossword puzzle
In class:  Play “Pop the Balloon” with Para Usar En Clase vocab
Homework: Practice test on Saludos vocabulary quiz, STUDY! You can make flashcards on the Saludos vocabulary sheet for optional extra credit – worth 2 extra points. Due on the day of the quiz.

QUIZ – Vocabulary of “Saludos” (greetings)
*Follows the format of the Practice Test exactly
*It will be an online quiz on the Saludos vocabulary
*1st rotation next week (Monday for B/B, Tuesday for J/R)


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