7/8 Spanish 1

Monday – lunes

Due: none
In class: Online Games to practice Actividades vocabulary and AR verb conjugations
Homework: none

Tuesday – martes

Due: none
In class: Finish Class Stories, read another story and answer questions
Homework: none

Wednesday/Thursday – miércoles/jueves

Due: none
In class: Review Class Story
Homework: none

Friday – viernes

Due: none
In class: Read new La Competición story and do questions
Homework: Start studying for your vocabulary “Actividades” quiz, you can make flashcards for 2 points on the gold sheet due 1/20, 1 point given on 1/21

6th grade Spanish

1st rotation (M/T)

Due: none
In class: Online games to practice Ser and Estar verb forms
Homework: extra credit flashcards due next class for 2 points each page (2 yellow sheets, 1 pink sheet)

2nd rotation (W/F)

Due: none
In class: Class story and questions
Homework: study flashcards/study guides for upcoming test

TEST coming up on Tú y Yo vocabulary (2 yellow sheets) and Ser/Estar verb forms (Hot pink sheet)

Brown/Burdick – 1/24

Joseph/Roberts – 1/19

2 parts:
1) Vocabulary – know 2 yellow sheets’ vocabulary English to Spanish and Spanish to English (Advanced version – 3 extra points – spell the words correctly)

2) Grammar – pink sheet – Online multiple choice test choosing the correct forms of Ser and Estar (Advanced version – fill in the blanks, no multiple choice)

Can do flashcards on all sheets for 2 points extra credit if turned in by 1/12 for J/R, by 1/21 for B/B.

If turned in by 1/18 for J/R and 1/24 for B/B, you will receive 1 point extra credit each page you do of flashcards.


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