7/8 Spanish 1

Monday – lunes

Due: none
In class: Spanish Boardgames
Homework: none

Tuesday – martes

Due: none
In class: New vocab (click Class Documents for a copy) – El tiempo y hora, Online games, Worksheet on El Tiempo vocab
Homework: none (you can make flashcards!!!)


Due: none
In class: Go over tiempo vocab worksheet, Lotería to go over vocabulary
Homework: none

Friday – viernes

Due: none
In class: Game to practice vocabulary
Homework: none

6th grade Spanish

1st rotation (M/T) –

Due: none
In class: Review Practice Test
Homework: STUDY!

2nd rotation (W/F)

Due: none
In class: TEST, extra credit assignment
Homework: Finish extra credit assignment


TOPICS: Ar verbs, comparison phrases, backwards verbs

4 sections:

Listening: A) Listen to me speak and mark #’s on the picture, B) Listen to a native speaker recording and answer questions

Reading: A) Read sentences and mark #’s on a picture, B) Read a story/passage and answer questions

Writing: A) Write sentences about a group of picture (positions, activities they are doing), B) Write -ar conjugated sentences about what you and your family/friends do more than, less than other things AND what you interests you, pleases you, disgusts you, etc.

Speaking: A) Interview – I will ask you questions about your activities and what disgusts you, interests you, etc and  you answer them – THIS PART ISN’T UNTIL THE FOLLOWING CLASS!!


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