21 de mayo-25 de mayo



7th graders!! we are reviewing everyday for the next two weeks for the final!!

It is essential that you are here and studying for the final everyday!There is no homework for the next two weeks! Only to study!!!!!!

Flashcard review for all units: Quizlet flashcards for each unit

Estudie por favor!!!

Remember to see me for review worksheets/assignments that you miss if you are absent.

Things to remember:

All assignments must be turned in by May 29th!

Final exam testing- 4 de junio-8 de junio

5th graders: Brown/Fitz      Cook/Wilkie


Gradebook closes  May 29/June 1! Turn in all missing/late assignments!!

1st class of the week: Review for exam

Hw: Please study!!!!!!!

Review sheet!

5.4 examen practica

2nd Class of the week: Test!

You will get a worksheet containing the vocabulary to review for the test! Please begin to fill that out over the weekend.

HW: Please begin studying for the final! It is very important to review at least a small amount of information everyday! The testing will be from 4 de junio-8 de junio and will cover a lot of information.

Click on this document! Websites for 5th grade exam

It contains many wonderful sites and games that will help you prepare for the final!


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