6th grade Slight Grading Change


Hi all 6th grade students/parents,

Due to our class only having 2-3 classes per week, and therefore less assignments/tests than a normal class, the grade set-up will no longer be weighted 40% Assignments and 60% Quizzes/Tests, but it will be based on TOTAL POINTS. This will be more beneficial to students and will not place such a high weight on each individual test, but will distribute the percentages more equally across all assignments/tests.

Gracias 🙂

Sra. Toth


P.S. 7/8 1b student/parents, your grading weighted set-up will remain the same (50% Quizzes/Tests, 40% Assignments, 10% PEP grade, as we have more class time per week, thus more assignments/assessments)

P.P.S. 5th grade students/parents, there has been no change to your grade set-up. It is based on Total Points as it always has been.


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