New restaurant and opportunity (Cascarones!) added for SOC Tarea – due the Tues. afte break (el 15 de abril)

¡Hola todos!

Don’t forget that your last 10 points of SOC Tarea are due the Tuesday after break, el 15 de abril. If you are able, maybe take the time over break to try to visit Mexicantown and speak with a native speaker for 15 points, or visit one of the restaurants for 10 points per food item. Make sure to follow the directions for all, of course.

I added a new restaurant in Detoit called La Feria – thank you to the McComas family for the recommendation! It serves food from Spain, Spanish tapas – not common restaurant fare around here! Click here for the updated SOC Tarea Restaurant Food List (also on the SOC Tarea page)


Finally, a fun way to earn 5 points, you can Make Your Own Cascarones! Cascarones are common throughout Latin American and are similar to the easter eggs that are popular in many other countries, but are filled with confetti! They are mostly used in Mexico during Carnival, but in US and Mexico border towns the cultures combined making them a popular Easter tradition.

In order to earn the 5 points, follow the link above for the directions. Take at least 3 pictures (or a video) of yourself making the cascarones, and then bring the final product (at least 1) to school with you after break by Tuesday. In keeping with tradition, we will break the cascarones over each others’ heads outside during class! (To earn an extra 5 points, follow the directions in making a video about making food – saying 5 sentences in Spanish, etc.)


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