Making Sugar Skulls – 5 extra points



By student suggestion and request, you are allowed to make Sugar Skulls for 1/2 points of extra credit (instead of doing one of the other 10 point options, you may not do both).

In order to get the 5 points, which will go on your 1st Quarter grade, you must make the sugar skulls (not hard to do, watch this tutorial HERE). You also must either post a video with at least 3, one-sentence Spanish captions while you make them or post a document, prezi, powerpoint, etc. with at least 3 pictures of you in them while making them with the one-sentence Spanish captions. Then, post this to your wiki by Monday, Nov. 3. Make sure to also include a picture of your final product!

(You do not need skull molds to make these – follow the instructions below after you watch the video above. They won’t be as detailed as the mold ones, but they will still work out great!)

NO MOLD? It’s OK! Spoon out a tennis ball-sized scoop of the mixture and form it into the shape of a skull. First, form it into a tight ball by cupping your hands around it. Then, narrow out the bottom of the ball to make the chin. Finally, make slight indentations into the top of the skull in the front with your fingertip to represent the eye sockets. As long as you’ve packed the sugar mix tightly enough when rolling it into the original ball, it will hold. Place it on the cardboard.

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