El 2-6 de febrero


1) Plans listed below are TENTATIVE and are subject to CHANGE. Students are to always listen to what I say in class as the absolute plan.

  2) Click on the links below or visit the Class Documents page if you need to  download different items.

Spanish 1b

This week, we are reviewing our Lección 5 grammar topics of the verb estar and expressing emotions, and when to use the verb ser or estar (both to be) – (5.1 and 5.3). We are also learning how to express what is happening “right now” with the present progressive tense (5.2).

Next week, there will be a Grammar/Vocabulary quiz on these topics. For estar and emotions and present progressive, it will be translating from English to Spanish (I am happy, she is angry and They are reading, We are scuba diving, etc.) – 5.1 and 5.2

For the ser vs. estar section, you will have to choose which form of ser or estar best completes the sentence (5.3)

Please use Quizlet to study for this test.


Spanish 2

This week, we are reviewing our Lesson 8 grammar topics and vocabulary (food words) by creating a Food Presentation skit with a group. Students are editing these and will present on Tuesday (NEW DATE!) We are also reviewing Irregular Preterite verbs and their conjugations and learning about how to use Double Object Pronouns.

The week after break, there will be a Grammar/Vocabulary quiz on Irregular Preterite verbs on that Tuesday. Students will have to translate from English to Spanish. Students should be studying on Quizlet a little bit each night or at least every other night.

This midterm will take place the week of Feb 29-March 4.


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