El 25-29 de abril, 2016


1) Plans listed below are TENTATIVE and are subject to CHANGE. Students are to always listen to what I say in class as the absolute plan.

  2) Click on the links below or visit the Class Documents page if you need to  download different items.

Spanish 1b

Students are continuing to learn about using Direct Object Pronouns and practicing with their Lesson 6 clothing vocabulary.

Students are to finish reading their classmates’ “Fashion Police” descriptions and fill out the chart, due by Friday

Students are to start studying on Quizlet for their DOPs (direct object pronouns) quiz that will be next Tuesday, May 3.

Spanish 2

Students are continuing to learn about using the Imperfect Tense and practicing with their 2b Lesson 1 health vocabulary. They are also beginning to learn about how to compare using the Imperfect vs. Preterite tense. Their Imperfect Quiz was today. They are also working on their experiences of childhood partner essays, which they will present on Monday, May 2.



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