El 9-13 de mayo



1) Plans listed below are TENTATIVE and are subject to CHANGE. Students are to always listen to what I say in class as the absolute plan.

  2) Click on the links below or visit the Class Documents page if you need to  download different items.

Spanish 1b

Students are continuing to practice with their Lesson 6 clothing vocabulary and learning when to use saber vs. conocer. The Lesson 6 vocab quiz (online, matching) is on Friday, May 13.

Spanish 2

Students are continuing to practice the Imperfect vs. Preterite tense. They are also learning how to use the Future and Conditional tenses. Their color by #, Future and Conditional sheets are all due on Friday, May 13. (They will have had 8 hours of work time in school to complete these packets, so there really is no excuse for them not being completed). They also have to come up with a way to remember the irregular stems for the Future and Conditional tenses (a song, rhyme, poem, etc.)


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