El 23-27 de enero – Updated!


1) Plans listed below are TENTATIVE and are subject to CHANGE. Students are to always listen to what I say in class as the absolute plan.

  2) Click on the links below or visit the Class Documents page if you need to  download different items.

Spanish 1b

This week, we are finishing up Lesson 4 with our Skills Test on Listening, Reading and Speaking. (Tuesday and Wed/Thurs). We are also continuing to learn our new Lesson 5 vocabulary on vacation words.


Study for your Lesson 4 Skills Test! Use the Study Best for Spanish Tests sheet to direct your studying, as we’ve discussed in class. Test is Tues, 1/24 and continued on Wed/Thurs 1/25 and 26. There is a Listening, Reading and Speaking section, just like the Practice Test.

Bookwork from Tuesday’s class is due Wed/Thurs. Vhlcentral activities on Lesson 5 vocab are due Monday.

Also, all missing work or extra credit for 2nd Quarter is due by Tues, 1/24, as the end of the quarter is this Friday.

Spanish 2

This week, we are continuing to learn concepts in Lesson 8, which includes continuing to talk about the past using more irregular preterite verbs and discussing food and visiting a restaurant. We are also learning about the unique food of the country of Spain.


  1. Online vhlcentral vocabulary activities are due on Wed/Thur, 1/25-26
  2. Study for the online, matching Vocab Quiz on Lesson 8 foods, etc. vocabulary, which is on Wed/Thurs, 1/25-26
  3. All missing work or extra credit for 2nd Quarter is due by Wed/Thurs as well, as the end of the quarter is this Friday.
  4. If I were a cook partner assignments are due Friday at the end of the short class.

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