El 6-10 de marzo


1) Plans listed below are TENTATIVE and are subject to CHANGE. Students are to always listen to what I say in class as the absolute plan.

  2) Click on the links below or visit the Class Documents page if you need to  download different items.

Spanish 1b

This week, we are continuing to practice our Lesson 5 vocabulary on vacation words, weather and emotions, reviewing the verb estar and practicing with the Present Progressive verb tense, estar with emotions and conditions, and using the verb estar vs. the verb ser.


Due Tuesday: Finish the Ser vs. Estar worksheet you started in class. 1st hour – Due Friday: Filled in answers for Speaking practice test. 4th hour – Due Monday: Listening practice test – visit this link: http://spanishgrammarlessons.com/2-worksheets/present-progressive/present-progressive-listening-practice/

Start studying for your Lesson 5 Skills Test: Listening, Reading and start of Speaking will be Tuesday, March 14; Grammar/Vocab, Writing and finishing Speaking will be Wed/Thurs, March 15-16. Topics are listed above (“This week…”). Use the Study Best for Spanish Tests sheet to help you know how to study for each of the parts.

Spanish 2

This week, we are discussing how to use Double Object Pronouns in Spanish. We are also learning new Lesson 9 “Celebrations and Stages of Life” vocabulary and learning how to use the words Qué vs. Cuál. We are starting to review all topics related to the Midterm that is coming up.


Due Friday: Qué vs. Cuál Inténtalo

The Midterm on Lessons 7-9 (see all Quizlet lists since November) will take place Wed/Thurs, March 15-16 (Listening, Reading and Writing) and Friday, March 17 (Grammar/Vocab, Speaking – Speaking can be continued on Monday). See Practice tests and notes I will give you in class for more details. Start studying a variety of these topics on Quizlet. Use the Study Best for Spanish Tests sheet to help you know how to study for each of the parts.


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