Here are the directions to add special Spanish language characters (accent marks, etc.) to any computer document:


On a PC Desktop or Laptop:
1) For a, e, i, o, u: Hold the Ctrl key and the ‘ key at the same time. Let go. Then, press the letter.
2) For ñ: Hold the Ctrl, then Shift, then ~`(upper left corner.  Let go. Then press “N”.
3) For ¿ and ¡ : All at the same time, press Alt, Ctrl, Shift and ? or !On a Desktop PC ONLY (not a laptop):
1) Press the Number Lock key
2) Using the number pad on the right, press and hold the ALT key down with your left hand as you press the following numbers in order (not at the same time…lift your finger up each time) with your right hand:

á – 0225             ¿ – 0191
é – 0233             ¡ – 0161
í – 0237              ñ – 0241
ó – 0243
ú – 0250

On a Mac:
1) Hold the OPTION key and then press the “e” key.  Let go. Then press the letter (a, e, i, o, u)
2) For an ñ, hold the OPTION key and then press the “n” key.  Let go. Then press ”n” again.
3) For an ¿, Press the OPTION, SHIFT and Backslash keys at the same time (/) and let go.
4) For a ¡, Hold the OPTION key and press the “1″ key, let go.


A) Insert Symbol

1) At the top of the document, click on Insert, then Symbol.
2) Find the special character you want and double-click on it.

B) Copy and Paste

Copy the characters above from this website and paste them into your document.


You can go to this website, type what you want, and then copy and paste! 









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