In the past, BCS 7/8 students had the opportunity to take a group field trip to Mexicantown, a community in Southwest Detroit rich in Latino culture and cuisine. 7th graders may take another trip at the end of this year. In the meantime you can research the area here and take a visit with your family on your own!

Listed below are links to various businesses, organizations and restaurants that Mexicantown has to offer. Enjoy!

List of places  by category



List of different restaurants –

Armando’s Mexican Restaurant and Catering –

Taquería Lupitas –

Los Galanes –

Mexicantown Restaurant –

Evie’s Tamales –

El Comal Restaurant –


Honeybee Market/La Colmena –

La Jalisciense Tortilla Factory –

Xochi’s Gift Shop –

La Gloria Bakery –

City Spirit Mural –

Café con Leche Coffee Shop –

Historic Central Train Depot

Interesting and Informative Articles about Mexicantown


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