8th Graders – Vote for our last song to learn of the year! Remember…these might all be “good” songs to listen to; some might be better than others to actually learn, so make sure to choose based on which one would make most sense to learn as a class (not too hard of lyrics, not too fast, etc.)

  1. Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias – El Perdón

2. Juanes – Juntos (Together)

3. Carlos Vives y Shakira – La Bicicleta (The Bicycle)

4. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro (Kuduro Dance)

5. Fanny Lu – Tu No Eres Para Mi (You Are Not For Me)











Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Video

About Selena – Wikipedia

20th anniversary – Remembering Selena (Billboard)


Juanes – Sueños (a live performance) Video, Pictures Video

Juanes – Me Enamora Video

About Juanes – Wikipedia


Shakira – La La La – Official Video

About Shakira – Wikipedia




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