Repaso de Gramática de 1b (Grammar Review)

Regular Preterite

Present Progressive


Verbos Reflexivos


Stem-changing verbs


DOP’s Study Guide

DOPS – Online Activities

Verbs of Obligation (Have to, one must, should) and 2 verb rule

2 verb rule: If two verbs are connected, you conjugate the first verb, you leave the 2nd in the infinitive

U1 Irregular verbs study guide – 2nd yellow page is chart of colgar (ue), tener que, seguir (i), etc.

Regular Verb Conjugations and 1a irregular verbs (ir a + infinitive, etc.)

Video: “I’m Bringing Conjugations Back”

Click on the links and you can listen to these ones below, download them and print the lyrics

*Regular and Irregular Verb Drills – Practice Quizzes that help you test yourself!*(DO THESE LOTS!) 

  1. Click on THIS link.
  2. In long red column on the left (titled “Lesson Topics”), choose which verbs you want to study under the “Present Tense” section (**Do NOT do #6, 7, 8 or 12…these don’t apply to this test)
  3. Click the “Generate Unique Quiz” link at the top.
  4. Choose how many number of questions you want (10, 15 or 25)
  5. Yes, include vosotros.
  6. Click “Make Quiz”

1a Conjugation review games – practice these for your grammar part of the test

Regular Verb Conjugation

Irregular Verb Conjugation


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